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Silk Road Diamonds was founded with the aim of providing the best quality and value Engagement Rings & Diamonds up the Jewellery industry with a customer centred approach. Our online business model strives to provide our customers with the highest quality, ethically sourced diamonds and engagement rings, at exceptional price points. 

A focus on a predominantly online presence, and small retail footprint enables us to prioritise passing on savings to you, our valued customers, above all else.

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Our Diamonds and Precious Stones come from all around the world, however all of our Jewellery is assembled and manufactured in the UK, as we strive to support local businesses. 

The diamonds we do source are CONFLICT FREE, and party to the Kimberley Process, meaning you can rest assured have not been used to finance war or violence. 

You can select from a large collection of Diamonds on our Product Page. Any Diamond, even if not already in our inventory, can be ordered for you. You can also Book An Appointment to try on Rings and Diamonds in stock to help you decide what is best for you.


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Silk Road Diamonds has a huge inventory of GIA & IGI Certified Diamonds, sourced ethically from around the world. We only purchase from the most reputable sources & Certification gives you, our valued customer, the ability to purchase with confidence.

You can find us as a registered retailer on the GIA Retailer Lookup. Continuous Education and Development by our team on GIA accredited courses means your purchase experience will be a fully informed one, with knowledgable & professional staff taking care of all your needs. See our GIA Diamond Essentials Certification.


GIA Diamond Essentials Certificate


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If you have any further questions feel free to Contact Us, or browse our Diamond Information sections