Why is Diamond Certification so Important?

Diamond Certification Overview


The GIA was founded by Robert Shipley in 1931 as a non-profit organisation with the goal of establishing standardisation in Diamond and gem grading.

Diamond Certificates and reports from the major laboratories around the world (GIA, IGI etc) enable standardisation of the industry. A certificate for your newly purchased diamond will detail the 4C's in relation to that individual Diamond; Carat weight, Cut quality, Clarity and Colour. 

As a consumer the process provides confidence in what is being purchased, and enables the industry to ensure the highest levels of integrity and price transparency.

Many reports will also include further details such as maps of where any inclusions can be found along with a description, as well as a guarantee the diamond is natural and not lab grown, or had any permanent treatments to alter its colour.

A sample GIA diamond report can be seen below:

sample gia diamond certificate

Information such as a diamonds proportions and the presence or absence of fluoresence. Larger stones will also have a Clarity characteristics map, detailing Inclusions and Blemishes both in diagrams and as a description. 

The report number on the certificate can be searched online and will display the corresponding report, often with an image of the diamond, enhancing confidence and ability to check authenticity. The girdle will also have a unique laser inscription of the certificate/serial number of the diamond, adding another layer of security for the consumer. 

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